Good Car for Good Ride

Reasons to join a motorcycle club as a new rider


I know we’ve all watched a movie or two that paints motorcycle clubs as a den of hooligans and criminals. This has created a negative perception around bike clubs. Sorry to burst your bubble by acknowledging that these clubs are very useful to the local communities and to you as a rider. I joined a motorcycle club with only two novice rides under my name. I was nervous of slowing the team down or causing an accident. What shocked me was they reassured me that they’ve been there before. I was joining a club just to enjoy riding in the safety of numbers. However, I got so much more in return.


I know riding solo can be loads of fun but also dangerous as hell. Especially if you don’t have the experience. Riding in numbers created room to develop a sense of responsibility and discipline among riders. Again, 10 or 12 riders occupy the same space as a long-haul track making it difficult for cars cutting between them increasing your safety.

Learn more about riding and bikes

As a rider, your goal is to know everything about bikes. You have a community around you that’s equally obsessed about bikes so they are ready to share information with you. Whether it’s about fixing your bike, adventure trails, best motorcycle traders, they got you covered. A bike club gives you access to all the gizmo associated with bikes at your fingertips.


A motorcycle club is larger than you. The togetherness and comradery of this community is the most alluring aspect of a bike club. You become part of a family that is loyal to each other and dedicated to building trust and respect within the group. It’s your support network that has your back at all times. What else are you looking for?

Be part of a legacy

All bike clubs strive to have an impact to the society they live. Most bike clubs have taught the society to celebrate who they are, take care of each other, and to live in unity. Its worthy being part of this legacy that is much bigger than yourself.

No one messes with you again

One of the coolest benefits of joining a bike club is no one messing with you again. You have people always watching your back so you are safe.  Plus, if you into a bit of vanity, leather makes you look bad ass.